Womens Sober Living is dedicated to providing a healing sanctuary for Women, who are seeking an Alcohol and Drug free life. Our Holistic approach allows for Self-Discovery thru an Educational process, that allows the flower inside to bloom as you move toward a life of freedom, love, joy and gratitude.

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Sober Living for Women by Women


Finding the right treatment for you or for someone you love may be difficult. We are here to help you in your decision. Our unique and specialized program is designed for women in a time of their life where the addiction is symptomatic to the struggles we face as mothers, wives, sisters, friends and employees. Typically these are women in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s. Often we face the discovery that our lives are no longer our own. In this realization we begin to push down the pain and fear with drugs, alcohol, food and relationships just to name a few . At Womens Sober Living our program introduces a holistic approach of healing, growing and living. Our educational and therapeutic groups work with addiction, family dynamics, self-esteem, life purpose, spiritual development, as well as body image, nutrition, and physical wellness.

The flexibility of Womens Sober Living intensive Program allows the individual the appropriate treatment schedule. We offer day and evening groups as well as weekend family groups. Each client has a individualized treatment plan created by our experienced treatment team. The affordability of Upfront Recovery gives our clients the opportunity to receive a 90 day treatment versus the typical cost of an inpatient 30 day program. Statistics show that when clients complete a 90 day program they tremendously increase the likelihood of continuous sobriety. Additionally programs working with one particular gender lend themselves more success based upon the fact that the program does not need to be all things to all people. Womens Sober Living believes that Individualized treatment is imperative.