Opening the Mind

Women suffering from addictions often also suffer from negative self image, distorted thinking, and an overwhelming feeling that life is “out of balance.” We work with each woman to change her flawed image and bring her back to life.

Individual Treatment Plan

We work one-on-one with each client, tailoring our strategies and goals to meet her needs and address her personal challenges. As she begins to process the events in her life differently, she will find she has the tools and confidence to make better decisions.

12 Step Recovery

We strongly support the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is integral to our program. Women are introduced to the 12 steps and AA principles and attend daily meetings. On-site speakers will share their experience, strength and hope of how recovery has transformed their lives.

Process Groups

Since we know that strength is gained by working with others, we offer a variety of process groups that focus on core issues that often exacerbate the disease of addiction in women.

One-on-One Life Coaching

Life does not stop when you are in treatment. We will help you face your obstacles, and provide you with the necessary tools and outside resources to address the challenges of finances, education, employment, marriage and family, or divorce.

Healing the Body

Addiction wreaks havoc on a Woman’s Body. Upfront Recovery provides Women a chance to reverse the damage, experiencing a new level of growth and well-being. We will introduce and develop routines, structured to help our clients continue their healing after treatment ends.

Nutritional Growth

Alcohol and drug abuse affect the whole body, often depleting vital nutrients, weakening the immune system, disrupting the central nervous system, and damaging internal organs. Everything from the inside of our bodies out to our hair and skin, and even the sparkle in our eyes is affected. During the Healing Process we will teach you how to incorporate a healthy diet, as well as nutrition education.

Physical Wellness

Upfront Recovery has the ability to tailor an exercise plan specific to your needs. Being physically fit is paramount in helping maintain a healthy level of sobriety. We will work hand in hand with you on Your individual goals, focusing on strengths as well as weaknesses.

Growing the Spirit

At Upfront Recovery, we believe that spirituality is the road away from addiction and towards self-respect, self-love. As you grow spiritually our new thinking leads the way as we transition from our negative and compulsive thoughts, towards a useful and contended life.

Spiritual Healing

All of us have unlimited power and energy deep inside us. For some, it is a divine presence that can be “trapped into” to obtain peace within. For those who feel it through their religion of choice, they can feel comfortable to connect with a God of their own understanding. The point here is that spirituality is as individual as a fingerprint. Our goal is to help Connect you to the power that lies within.

Spiritual Counseling

Our program is inspired by a variety of spiritual teachings. Our clients are introduced to specific teachers and authors that will help them see infinite possibilities, bringing spiritual healing and self-discovery into her life.

Visualization & Meditation

Visualization and meditation has long been utilized to help individuals make spiritual gains. We teach our clients techniques, allowing them to tap into a deeper state of relaxation. These techniques reduce anxiety, while allowing you to visualize joy, serenity and a state of contentment.